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Over the past several years, lasers have reigned supreme in the world of cosmetic surgery, thanks to their precision and notable results. Minimally invasive, cost effective, and more comfortable for the patient, lasers are not just the present of cosmetic technology, they’re the future. For nearly every issue people seek treatment for, there is a laser-based procedure to get it done faster and easier.

The most common laser treatments (though by no means the extent of them) are cosmetic laser therapy, laser therapy for stretch marks, laser therapy for hair loss, and even deep tissue light therapy (more on this later, but it’s a cool one). Even just looking at this small sliver of what medical lasers can accomplish begins to leave you with the question of “what can’t lasers do for my skin?”

Cosmetic Laser Therapy

This is what most people think of when they imagine lasers used in a medical capacity. Commonly known as resurfacing, the laser is able to gently exfoliate layers of dead or damaged skin to reveal a brighter, younger looking face beneath. Laser resurfacing is known to reduce wrinkles, even skin tone, and work to eradicate acne scarring.

But laser skin resurfacing isn’t just for hands. It’s also a proven method to restore the delicate skin on the neck and even hands to its former glory. Gentle enough for delicate skin, but strong enough to wipe years of damage away, cosmetic laser therapy is known to reduce signs of ageing as well as dark spots and discoloration, making it ideal for anyone dealing with age spots, wrinkles, or light density scarring.

Laser Therapy for Stretch Marks

Oftentimes, it feels like the only way to heal skin from stretch marks is by invasive surgery, or else turning to months of creams and oils that just don’t give results. But laser therapy has changed the game. Laser therapy for stretch marks come in a variety of strengths depending on the depth and intensity of the stretch mark.

For more surface stretch marks, the laser may work just like the laser resurfacer. By removing uppermost layers of the skin surrounding the stretch mark, it makes way for the newer, younger skin beneath. For deeper marks, the physician may opt for a deeper laser, which actually has the capacity to bypass the uppermost layer of skin and go right for the gold. Instead of slowly sanding away at the surface, the non ablative laser will direct its energy to the cells at the root of the mark, stimulating collagen production,new cell growth, and elastin, which will help your body to heal and fade the scar naturally.

Laser Therapy for Hair Loss

When it comes to lasers and hair, we generally think of lasers in the context of hair removal, but did you know that laser therapy for hair regrowth has proven to help regular the growth and production of new hair as well? People can lose their hair for any number of reason (age, a change in diet, a hormonal imbalance, etc.) but whatever the reason, laser therapy can help.

Laser hair removal works by focusing the energy on the hair follicle until it “burns out” and is no longer to grow hair. Laser treatment for hair loss works in the opposite. Using a different energy, it focuses the light on the follicle to instead stimulate production and encourage growth from dormant follicles. The procedure is noninvasive, painless, and hair has been shown to regrow stronger than it was before.

Deep Tissue Light Therapy

Aside from the many cosmetic applications laser therapy can have on complete skin care, medical lasers are also used for, well, medical issues. Deep tissue light therapy is a growing trend among those who suffer from chronic illness or injury. Using a process called photobiomodulation (say that five times fast) the photons from the laser beam interact with the mitochondria of cells to increase the body’s metabolism to speed up the healing process, as well as decrease any internal pain or inflammation. Deep tissue light therapy is heavily customizable to the needs of the patient, and can be used for a number of chronic and traumatic conditions.

What More is There?

Truthfully, there’s a lot more. We may never stop finding ways to take care of our bodies and thank them for the many ways they serve us. But exploring ways to revitalize, rejuvenate, smooth and sculpt our skin is a step in the right direction. When you care for your skin, you’re caring not just for the largest organ, not just for our shield against the world’s hazards, but you’re caring for what represents you. Your body is your home and what better investment is there than making your home a comfortable, clean, bright space that you can be proud of?

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