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To B12 or not to B12?

That is the Question


Although not often mentioned in breakfast cereal commercials, Vitamin B12 is an extremely important vitamin to our overall health. B12 is responsible for keeping nerves and red blood cells healthy and aiding in the production of DNA. B12 has also been known to boost metabolism, prevent certain types of anemia, and improve overall brain function.

B12 is most commonly associated with animal products like fish, eggs, red meat, and dairy. But there is good news for those who avoid such foods or else have a hard time keeping up with a regimented supplement schedule. The solution may be vitamin B12 shots.

Vitamin b12 injections are an uber effective and ultra safe way to ensure your b12 vitamin intake is where it needs to be. Most b12 therapy programs involve 5-10 days of daily shots, and then it’s just a once a month maintenance visit. Taking vitamins only once a month? Yes please!

A common misconception about b12 injections is that a concentrated high dose of vitamin can be dangerous. Fortunately, vitamin b12 is what’s known as a water soluble vitamin, which means that anything your body doesn’t need just gets disposed of the old natural way.

A standard b12 injection will cost around $30. And for that, you only have to remember to take a vitamin once a month! Pretty amazing deal!

Aside from the internal cell and reproductive health that regular b12 injections can bring, other amazing perks to b12 injections are that it may prevent birth defects and complications, it may prevent osteoporosis and promote bone health, it may improve your mood as well as improve brain function, it has also been known to promote long term heart health.

Additionally, and the reason most people visit us for b12 is that it is known to boost metabolism, which can boost your energy levels, promote weight loss, and keep skin, hair, and nails looking as healthy and strong as ever!

People who are most at risk for vitamin b12 deficiency and, consequently, the people who most could benefit from b12 injections are older adults, those suffering from a gastrointestinal disease such as Chron’s, and people on a strict vegan diet who are unlikely to ingest the vitamin in the food they eat.

Vitamin b12 shots can be an easy, effective, and convenient way to maintain proper levels of vitamin b12, and subsequently a convenient way to maintain your own best and highest quality of life.

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