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The growth in options for feminine health solutions has increased awareness for many health issues that were previously not addressed. As women age, their bodies face a host of new changes, from a loss of elastin and collagen, to physical trauma associated with vaginal childbirth, to reduced estrogen.

Common feminine health concerns include:

  • Elasticity and wrinkled appearance of the labia and vulva.
  • Low blood flow and sensitivity
  • Pain sensation caused by labial hypertrophy
  • Level of sexual interest and self-esteem

The time has come for a safe and effective treatment that is quick and comfortable. Votiva offers technologies that address internal and external treatment, with a resurfacing and/or non-invasive option.

FormaV is a non-invasive deep muscle tightening technology for feminine health. Comfortable and uniform RF exposure is applied to the vaginal canal to address issues of sexual dysfunction and pelvic floor tightening. The versatility of the FormaV allows the operator to provide a customized solution to address the variety of feminine health concerns that occur due to aging, hormonal changes, or physical damage. It can effectively treat common issues such as stress incontinence, discomfort during intercourse, dryness and suboptimal orgasm for both partners. Patients often see results immediately, with continued results over the following weeks.

Fractora uses customized fractional RF energy to improve superficial skin tone problems (skin texture) to deep concerns (deep heating and tightening) through resurfacing. The bi-polar RF treatment allows clinicians to accurately treat a targeted zone for a precise non-invasive treatment. Fractora allows for full depth heating that improves elastin and collagen remodeling to positively impact a women’s feminine health and quality of life. Payless for surgical results with no pain and no downtime!

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