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Although not often mentioned in breakfast cereal commercials, Vitamin B12 is an extremely important vitamin to our overall health. B12 is responsible for keeping nerves and red blood cells healthy and aiding in the production of DNA. B12 has also been known to boost metabolism, prevent certain types of anemia, and improve overall brain function. B12 is most commonly associated with animal products like fish, eggs, red meat, and dairy.

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What is Botox? Botox is a medical treatment where a medical professional injects a small amount of a protein into the skin, causing the muscles to temporarily relax and not be able to fully contract. But don’t worry. The Botox simply sends a signal to the central nervous system which says, “don’t contract these muscles.”

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In the modern age of plastic surgery and non-surgical procedures, it can feel like there’s a new product on the market almost daily. But with so many new formulas and so many procedures depending on the use of vague “fillers,” it’s important to know what’s going into your body to give you the look you’ve been dreaming of.  One promising option is Juvederm.

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There are countless exercise programs on the market designed to shape virtually every imaginable part of the human body. The ads make lofty claims: “Your best butt in 90 days.” “Shrink your tummy.”“Tone your arms.”

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Keeping up with various fillers formulas can be an important step in making sure you’re getting the treatment you need for the face you want. With so many options available, it’s important to stay informed on how each treatment works, and how it differs from other similar products on the market. Radiesse is an example of such a treatment. RadiesseRadiesse is an injectable filler that stimulates collagen production to plump naturally occurring wrinkles and folds in the skin, generally in and around the face.

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When you pull up to your dermatologist’s office for a lip injection or a bit of filler, have you ever wondered about what exactly is going into your body? For most of us, the answer is no. We want beautifully shaped lips and flawless brow lines, and don’t want to be confused by the chemical mumbo jumbo that we feel we would need a doctorate to understand. As cosmetic procedures become more advanced, there are a growing number of products and formulas being marketed towards cosmetic surgeons, each with their own strengths and drawbacks.

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Revanesse Versa is a hyaluronic acid dermal filler that can be used to treat moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds, including nasolabial folds. What makes Versa different? Less Swelling - clinical trials showed 50% more swelling in patients treated with competitor fillers. Longevity - Versa can last up to 12 months with optimal correction.

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