Why Skin Care Isn't

Just About Results


Here at Redbud Medical, we are passionate about taking care of people, inside and out. Our top priority is what’s inside each and every one of our clients, but we understand that part of helping people to feel their best means treating their skin with all the care it deserves.

The skin is our largest organ and, as we’ve all experienced, it can take quite a lot of upkeep to keep it healthy and happy. Taking care of your skin isn’t just about smoothing away wrinkles and plumping cheekbones, it’s about nourishing and protecting your single greatest barrier to all the hazards of the outside world.

That’s why, at Redbud, we partner with SkinMedica to give your skin the care it needs. SkinMedica is run by a team of dermatologists dedicated to uncovering and treating the needs of our skin. Using decades of experience as well as cutting edge scientific research, SkinMedica is a pioneer of skin care products, with outstanding results.

The secret to natural, long lasting results as far as SkinMedica is concerned is the growth hormone, which their skin care line is centered around. Skin care companies have been working to incorporate growth hormones into products for decades, but the thing is, it’s easy to cut corners when developing products with growth hormones in them, and those cut corners can catch up with you down the road.

Growth hormones can be sourced from the human body, as well as a number of other living organisms (such as plants and even some snails). These hormones can be replicated in a lab and used to help your skin glow brightly. But it’s not quite that cut and dry. Where the hormone is sourced from will determine how effective it is in treating the skin. For instance, a growth hormone sourced from bone marrow will help to stimulate bone marrow health and growth. Whereas growth hormones harvested from fat cells will be more effective at promoting elasticity within the skin.

SkinMedica is the leading brand of skin care products recommended by dermatologists across the country. And for good reason, the SkinMedica line is natural, effective, and carefully designed with your skin in mind to keep you healthy, safe, and feeling your most beautiful.

A good skin care routine can make all the difference when it comes to taking care of yourself, physically and emotionally. At Redbud, we’re dedicated to giving you products you can trust, from experts in the field, to help you see yourself as we see you: absolutely gorgeous.

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