Skin Rejuvenation

Chemical Peels Treatment In Denver

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as peeling off a mask or a pore strip and seeing all the gunk you have removed from your face. But what if that mask could do more than just clean your pores? What if it could treat your old high school acne scars, or even the wrinkles creeping up around your eyes? Chemical peels have been around since the 1920s, and have only gotten more effective (not to mention safer.) with time.

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Although many women have taken to shaving their faces in recent years, it’s hardly the first thing that springs to our mind when we think of self-care beauty regiments. But what if you could shave away not just any unwanted hair, but also uneven skin, acne scars, sun damage, even fine wrinkles? Our skin is exposed daily to a number of damaging toxins: air pollutants, sweat, oil, even the sun.

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When we imagine getting our best skin, oftentimes we see ourselves tanning just for that perfect sun-kissed glow, or else smearing creams on our t-zone to get rid of our stubborn acne. But perfect skin can be so much more than no acne. What if you could also reduce age spots, wrinkles, freckles, even unwanted hair? There are treatments that can help with these skin issues.

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It seems like every other article in the cosmetic surgery world these days is about laser skin resurfacing. Blog posts promise that age spots, crows feet, and acne scars can all be gone with just a flash of light. But what exactly is laser resurfacing and who exactly is a good candidate for it? What is Laser Skin Resurfacing?

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Microdermabrasion Facial

You know that amazing feeling right after you finish exfoliating your skin? Whether it’s baby soft hands that you can’t stop rubbing together, or a face that suddenly looks and feels bright and fresh, it’s an amazing feeling. A good proper exfoliant can make you feel brand new again. Now imagine, if you will, an exfoliant which not only can take away dead skin cells and the occasional pimple, but an exfoliant powerful enough to sand away wrinkles, scarring, age spots, and even sun damage.

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