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Remember when shaving used to be so exciting? Small, shaky hands held cheap plastic razors and watched with fascination as the hair disappeared from your legs or underarms.

Perhaps now shaving is just “that annoying thing that needs to be done”. Frankly, it needs to be done too often and also takes away from prime shower-karaoke time.

What if you never had to shave again? What if your showers could stretch on forever, uninterrupted by craning your neck to scrape at your armpits or nicking your knees going around the curve?

Laser hair removal has been an absolute godsend in the world of body hair removal and no laser technology is so effective and so comfortable as Diolaze.

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What’s Diolaze?

Like all laser hair removal treatments, Diolaze rids the body of unwanted hair by focusing a laser into the follicle itself, stripping it of hair as well as preventing anything from regrowing.

Diolaze is revolutionary in that it provides not only a larger mechanism, allowing for a larger area to be treated at one time, but also includes a second laser which emits energy at a different frequency to cool the skin after treatment with the removal laser. This makes each Diolaze treatment more effective and more comfortable.

How Much Does Diolaze Cost?

Because of the additional laser, as well as the skill needed of the professional administering the treatment, each session of Diolaze runs anywhere from $250-$500.

However, Diolaze can do in 4-6 what other laser hair removal procedures may need 5-8 sessions to treat. So with Diolaze you’re paying for comfort, efficiency, and a great looking final product.

Is Diolaze Right For Me?

Say goodbye to shaving, plucking, and pulling at unwanted hair. If you have unwanted body hair and never want to have to think about it again, Diolaze may be perfect for you. However, you will want to talk with your doctor first if any of the following apply to you:

  • You are pregnant or plan on becoming pregnant
  • You are breastfeeding or plan on breastfeeding
  • You have recently tanned or have had a spray tan
  • You have an active skin infection

Unlike many other laser hair removal treatments, Diolaze tends to be painless thanks to its second cooling laser. Making the process more comfortable for you and easier for your doctor to work longer sessions. This makes Diolaze the first choice for people with sensitive skin who are looking for smooth lines and legs.

If shaving bumps and hairy patches have been plaguing your life for too long, ask your dermatologist if they think laser hair removal could be right for you.

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