Medical Weight Loss: Top Techniques to Help You Achieve Your Goals

November 28th, 2022 1:49am

A lot of things can contribute to weight gain, like your diet, lifestyle, and age. Unfortunately for some, losing those extra pounds can be quite difficult. Even after trying everything, from exercises to dieting, some keep gaining weight, resulting in obesity. Obesity can lead to several serious medical conditions like diabetes and heart disease. Finding a way to eliminate it is necessary for a healthier, happier life. Thankfully, you can now rely on medical weight loss to help you achieve your goal weight.Below are some top techniques for medical weight loss to help you achieve your goals-

What are the Top Techniques to Help You Achieve Your Goals Through Medical Weight Loss?

Medical weight loss includes guidance from medical experts and uses various medical tests and methods to create customized weight loss plans. The medical tests and professional counseling help you and your doctor determine the most suitable and effective approach for weight loss. The primary techniques used in medical weight loss are: metabolic testing, hormone balancing, weight loss medications, coping with prescription drugs that lead to weight gain, lifestyle modifications, and Smart Lipo. Let us look at these techniques of medical weight loss thoroughly-
#1- Metabolic testing: Metabolic reaction is a biochemical process that helps in energy formation from the food we eat. The metabolic rate differs from person to person and can be affected by several factors like age, sex, and muscle mass. A person with a slower metabolism will have a difficult time losing weight from diet and exercise alone. They can highly benefit from medical weight loss. It uses metabolic tests to determine the reasons for your weight gain and design a plan that suits your lifestyle and improves your metabolism to burn more energy than you consume.
#2- Weight loss through hormone balancing: The hormones in our body play a critical role in our body weight management. Some cause our body to store more fat, while some induce lean muscle formation and reduce bloating. Any imbalance can cause many effects, including unnecessary weight gain or loss. Some hormones that can affect our weight loss are cortisol, thyroid, insulin, estrogen, and testosterone. Medical weight loss determines the levels of each of these hormones in our bodies and balances them to improve our weight loss.
#3- Weight loss medications: Sometimes, any of the work is not enough to reduce weight. In such cases, weight loss medications are prescribed in addition to helping the plan. Your doctor will check your BMI, health history, and lab results to determine if you need them too.
#4- Coping with prescription drugs that lead to weight gain: While medications eliminate medical conditions, most have side effects. Some can make you gain weight or inhibit weight loss. Medical weight loss plans help reduce their effects.

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