Votiva Nonsurgical Vaginal Rejuvenation: What Is It?

September 23rd, 2022 1:25am

It is natural for vaginal skin to become loose with age. However, it can cause dryness and discomfort during sexual intercourse. Moreover, it also reduces self-esteem in the bedroom as most women do not feel confident about their bodies. While there are several treatments — both surgical and non-surgical — to tighten vaginal skin, most of them carry their own flaws. Fortunately, Votiva nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation is changing that by tightening the vaginal skin and giving women their lost confidence back. Let us discuss more about Votiva Nonsurgical Vaginal Rejuvenation before you go through with the procedure.

What is Votiva Nonsurgical Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Votiva is one of the most popular non-invasive feminine health and vaginal rejuvenation procedures done on an outpatient basis. It is the perfect procedure for women who do not want a long downtime after the process, as the results can be seen immediately. Votiva has two options —- FormaV and FractoraV.

  • FormaV: The FormaV utilizes RF thermal heating to gently treat lax vaginal tissue, vulvar tissue, and labial hypertrophy. The entire procedure is non-invasive and safe.
  • FractoraV: The FractoraV uses proprietary silicone-tipped heads, making it safe for any skin type. It is used to tighten the skin and contract soft tissue further when clients have excess labia majora tissue and excessive clitoral hooding.

What is the Procedure for Votiva Nonsurgical Vaginal Rejuvenation?

The Votiva non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation procedure can be done in around ten to twenty-five minutes, according to your needs. The treatment is done on an outpatient basis, reducing the post-procedure downtime from very little to zero. You do not require any pre-treatment sedatives or anesthesia as the procedure is easily tolerable. However, if you have a significant amount of excess labial skin, your doctor will suggest a labiaplasty procedure in addition to Votiva. This process is also accomplished on an outpatient basis, and you may need to choose between local or general anesthetic for labiaplasty.

What is the Recovery Time, and How Soon Can You See the Results?

Votiva non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation has no recovery period unlike traditional vaginal skin tightening methods, where your tissues take a few weeks to heal completely. You can see the results for Votiva non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation immediately.

How Does Votiva Work?

Votiva is a unique procedure that uses laser technology. Radiofrequency waves are targeted on internal as well as external vaginal tissues to tighten the vaginal muscles. The procedure stimulates collagen and elastin production in vaginal tissues to tighten the vaginal canal, eliminate dryness issues, and increase sensations felt during sexual intercourse.

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