Women On Topp - The Success story of Tanna Donalson - Every Woman With Dreams Can Relate

I am Tanna Donalson. Life handed me a few good cards, several challenging ones, and some legit hurdles I had to learn to embrace. All of that created a pretty unique path for me. I have a story to tell, but in fact, we all do. My desire to write even a snapshot of my journey comes from the fact that I know every woman can relate. Any woman who knows that her spirit has big dreams and ambitions and feels like a caged animal but doesn't know how to set herself free… she needs to know that there is an army of women who have gone before her who can rally around her and help her make her dreams come true. With the right support and the right inspiration, her dreams can one day come to fruition and she can unleash her gifts on this world that needs everything she has to offer.

Until I was 32, I grew up and spent my life in Oklahoma. Now, I am 38, and for the last six years of my experience, I have been on a massive journey to bring my dreams to light. This journey has and continues to truly make me feel that I am becoming what I was created to be. I am a Certified Physician Assistant and spent roughly 12 years in Emergency Medicine. During this time, I learned the grand majority of what I know about medicine, the hard way! I did not have many hands to hold, a trustworthy mentor, or even a family member who was in medicine to guide me, swap stories with, or cry with at the end of the day. During the 2nd half of the decade I spent in the ER, I began to feel this deep, undeniable yearning for something greater, more fulfilling.

For a long time, I did not know what that meant. I would learn a new skill, travel to a new place, meet new people, and do things that scared me to try to satisfy that yearning…. but it never did. While I was still living in Oklahoma, I had the opportunity to work with a doctor, plastic surgeon, mentor, teacher, and father-like figure, Juan Brou. It was then that I slowly began to discover the immense creativity that lived inside me, and the wheels started turning. Long story short, I have now not only opened my own medical spa in Denver Redbud Medical Spa, but also have helped several other doctors, PA's, NP's, and nurses do the same thing. In addition, I have networked and made connections with so many driven, amazing people and as a result have licensed a technology created by NASA and started another company called Aspire Medical Technologies where I am the CEO, and working to bring a groundbreaking, novel medical technology to market that will change the future of Trauma and Orthopedic Medicine and save limbs and lives for decades to come.

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